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Short Stories


Sunlight jostled its way through Christopher’s blinds, peeling darkness from his eyes. He woke to the sound of rubbish bins clattering calypso like across the street. He tasted the celebration of last nights champagne and cigarettes, which lay in his mouth, there to act as a reminder that today was the first day of the rest of his career. He peeled himself from his bed with the consistency of molasses, dripping into the bathroom. He cleaned himself like an old man, betraying his twenty nine years. He had qualified as a teacher, teaching science, to a new generation of space cadets as he saw them. He turned to his picture of Captain Spock and saluted him, imagining Spock saluting him back for his achievement. His adopted parents, both away on holiday in St Bart’s had saluted his achievement by sending him an antique copy of Patrick Moore’s book on the ‘Universe and Stars’. Inside him grew excitement, outside stayed the same, unaware of what was to come. Christopher threw on his favourite burgundy v-neck and green cords, searching hurriedly for his navy blue velvet blazer, finished off with his multi-coloured belt, made from an aeroplane seat belt. He had found it at a stall in Camden market, a week before.
Short Stories

Broken against body

I never realised that the first time I saw him would mark the moment something deep in me would let go and say goodbye to the last threads of innocence I hid from the world. The rain smelt of lavender laced by cigarettes. As the crowd snaked around me, becoming blurred streams moving like brush strokes on a canvas unaware that I had started to change. My heart whistled silently through my flesh a.w.o.l amongst the green-aqua of his eyes. A crowd of eager students jostled around him wilfully excited by the show he created. Though, all I could see was how he held himself, wondering what mystery lay beneath. Tussled black hair fell deliberately around a face rich with a sense of it’s own sin. I knew I would love him, deeply, hard, with pain and regret waiting in the wings. Logistics or maybe fate pitted he and I in the same year, in the same class, studying the same course, driven toward a conclusion obvious to any bemused onlooker. His name was Walker and when he called my name, it was like music to me, even though I was the only one hearing the song created. Walker would call me by the nickname he dreamed up: ‘MC’, thinking Peter McBride too posh. Hiding his laziness with an air too cool for many to pull off successfully.


Film & Screenplays

BOND D a r k l y

Log line – A crazed but brilliant serial killer leaves small body parts of his next victim inside each person he viciously kills. Detective Leo West heads up the investigation, which leads him through his own family’s unexpected dark history, riddled with secrets unknown to him. These secrets have driven this killer to seek revenge, with Leo’s family victimized through horrific consequences as a result.

Short synopsis – Leo West is a highly successful homicide detective in the public eye. He instinctively understands serial killers, closing many cases by apprehending dangerous felons. Supported by his work colleague, Adele Jones, Leo delves into his most challenging case yet involving a series of horrifying murders, where a serial killer’s calling card involves him leaving the small body parts of his next victim inside each person he kills. Hysteria and panic has a stranglehold on the city, pushing Leo’s abilities as he begins making debatable mistakes. As Leo and Adele track the killer down, divisions in their relationship surface with Leo’s dark family history becoming revealed which makes Adele begin to suspect that the killer may, in fact, be Leo. Leo has to prove his innocence and stop the killer before another victim is murdered.


Film & Screenplays


Log line – Oliver Forbes’ addiction traps him into a surreal world where his past experiences with alcohol and drugs run in a continuous loop. In an abstract tale detailing Oliver’s descent into this dark world, dragged there by a violent presence, the question is raised: Is Oliver close to death, already dead or somewhere in between?

Short synopsis – Oliver Forbes is lost in time, in a dark menacing and imposing landscape fuelled by his all-consuming drug and alcohol addiction. Watched by a threatening dark presence whose very nature alludes to a coming period of violence and pain for Oliver. Specific periods of Oliver’s life loop in different abstract time directions, dragging him deeper toward a ravaged darkness. MARKED is a surreal and confrontational story posing an unusual quandary: Is Oliver close to death, already dead or somewhere in between?

Film & Screenplays

Pinned Under Glass

Log line –The tragic death of a close friend brings Maggie Tanner and Daniel Jessop together, but as their obsessive lust for each other develops into a highly charged sexual affair which obscures all around them, an unseen assailant does whatever it takes to tear them and their families apart!

Short synopsis – A high-flying executive called Maggie Tanner grieves at the graveside of an ex-colleague who died suddenly and tragically. Maggie is left vulnerable and in need of solace at this point when she meets Daniel Jessop, an ambitious junior executive from her firm at the funereal. They embark on a passionate, obsessive affair, which leaves Maggie confused, isolated and vulnerable to an unseen psychotic assailant who manipulates Daniel and Maggie’s families with deadly consequences. Questionable accidents cause the deaths of Daniel’s family members, which turn everything Maggie and Daniel knew about their sexually charged love affair on its head. Their friends, co-workers and family members become swept up in the wake of Maggie and Daniel’s questionable, torrid affair which spirals into a complex psychological game where lies which were once hidden become their dark reality.

Film & Screenplays

Charlie & Fisher

Log line – A brutally murdered policeman is discovered by a blue collar construction supervisor called Charlie Fraser who flees the scene of the crime, going on the run, joined by his new lodger Fisher Jones. Their potential innocence doesn’t matter to the police who unwittingly become embroiled in a conspiracy orchestrated by big-time city crime lord Kyle Maddox. The police embark on a high profile countrywide manhunt for Charlie and Fisher in order to close the case unaware of Kyle’s devious plans as Charlie and Fisher fight to prove their innocence.

Short synopsis – Charlie Fraser is a middle-of-the-road construction supervisor who keeps to himself. Fisher Jones is a high-strung and confrontational security guard who enjoys gambling a bit too much. Both are willing to physically defend themselves. When a highly decorated police officer is brutally murdered, Charlie is suspected of committing the killing. Charlie goes on the run and is joined by Fisher who is loyal to Charlie and believes in his innocence. A nationwide manhunt begins. Unbeknownst to Charlie and Fisher the police force’s investigation is tied-in with the devious plans of the city’s most powerful crime lord, Kyle Maddox. Charlie and Fisher are pinned between the city’s police force hunting them down and Kyle Maddox, who is hell-bent on carry out his nefarious plans, using Charlie and Fisher as a distraction –pushing them to brink of survival and into the greatest fight they’ll ever know.

Film & Screenplays

End My Days

Log line – Marcus Anderson’s perfectly controlled world involves legally ending his clients’ lives through his assisted-suicide facility. His world changes forever when he embarks on an unexpected and torrid affair with a terminally ill woman, Veronica Monroe, leading to unseen, dangerous consequences which endanger Marcus’ life.

Short synopsis – As a child Marcus Anderson finds his artistic but tortured Mother hanging, dead in their family home. Now older, Marcus dedicates his life to assisting terminally ill individuals end their lives in grandiose, self-designed suicides – a swift death which relieves them of the certainty of prolonged pain and suffering they feel health professionals have doomed them to be subjected to. Marcus, forever the voyeuristic control freak, watches his clients from a distance after he has helped set up their suicides, enjoying the omnipotent nature of the power he wields. The suicides range from Russian roulette to a poisoned champagne masked ball. When Veronica Monroe enters Marcus’ world, soliciting his services to end her life before terminal lung cancer kills her, her beauty and fractured spirit draws Marcus into a highly sexualised love affair. His business falls apart unexpectedly and his previous work alliances become called into question. This has dangerous consequences for everything Marcus once knew; leading to a climatic finish endangering Marcus’ life as he loses all control.

Film & Screenplays

What He Made Me

Log line – Sleep isn’t enough for peace to reign in the follow up to The Sleepless Man. Alex Fornam and Lorna Williams are hunted by a killer who murders his victims in a similar way to James, a serial-killing insomniac who stalked Alex.This poses the question: Is James back to finish what he started or is there a new killer mimicking James’ serial killing past in order to terrorise Alex and Lorna?

Short synopsis -A twisted killer plays on the dark fears Alex and Lorna have been hiding from, manipulating them for his own ends, relishing the kill and embroiling Alex and Lorna into a twisted, complex psychological game. Is the killer known as James, believed to have died in The Sleepless Man back to exact his revenge or is this a new killer mimicking the serial killer’s patterns? The aftermath of being hunted by James in the past proves to be Alex’s undoing in the present as Alex becomes reckless with his choices and ever increasing odd behaviour. What was once nightmare has become waking horror changing Alex’s life forever. Lorna is caught in the middle and has to fight for her life in the wake of WHAT HE MADE ME as the truth of Alex present threatens their future.

Film & Screenplays

The Sleepless Man

Log line – James is a serial-killing insomniac who becomes obsessed with a narcoleptic called Alex. Alex struggles to overcome the limitations of his narcolepsy while James believes that Alex holds the secret of how to end his insomnia. This leads the sleep-deprived murderer to stalk Alex, killing all in his path. Alex represents James’ redemption, but is a reminder of a past which haunts him. Alex must evade capture or end up becoming James’ final victim.

Short Synopsis – Stanton Phillips a well-known doctor dies in what appears to be a violent suicide but darker forces are behind his grisly death. It turns out that an unknown serial-killing insomniac named James is ritually hunting down his victims, throwing a city into the grips of fear. James is a twisted, sleep-deprived killer, who becomes drawn to a narcolepsy sufferer called Alex Fornam, whom James obsessively believes holds the secret behind his sleep disorder. His crazed, fatigued mind is further drained of rational thought as he views Alex’s mere existence as the driving force behind his murderous crusade. James fixates on Alex’s demise by his hands believing it will finally lead him to a “blissful life” of sleep which absolves him of his past crimes. Alex has to overcome the disadvantages of his narcolepsy and use every bit of cunning to evade capture or face becoming James’ next victim. Is it a coincidence that Alex falls into this psychotic killer’s line-of-sight? What exactly is real, a dream or a nightmare between the hunter and the hunted? Reality becomes unhinged by a permanent darkness brought about by “The Sleepless Man.”




No thing, person or place is ever the same. Sometimes brutal, sometimes brilliant, but always certain. We look to grow, change, develop and move forward to the version of ourselves we feel fulfils our purpose wither consciously or subconsciously and this is what these poems discuss. The only question is, are you ready to evolve?