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Short Stories


The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction and is the case with different dreams friends and strangers have recounted when interviewed. From these interviews, stories have been created to entertain, confront and make you think about your daily lives.
Short Stories



Decoy is a collection of short stories set against an urban backdrop represented in present day. Where each story will draw you into a dark and unexpected world. Where modern day adventures meet a perverse twist, as the past of a character comes back to devastate their present.

You’ll Be Different Again

Played out by the band

glimpsed a fragmented past drifting from hand

subtle sadness strokes left cheek

as you walk down this lonely street.

The crash site smoulders slow

pains triumphant panache has lost its flow

from being dazed in an urban wonderland

to faith imbued with hope for future plans.

Tectonic plates move with meaning under heart

holding you close part by part

And your new pace may not erase

what’s held inside, protected behind your face.

Forever changed, remaining true

a romantic adventurer upon terrain anew

don’t believe them when they say they know what the future holds

your half smile heralds the curtains eventual close.


The Recovered

Shake closer, just a little

this river of mind, wild.

Now you know how close you are to brittle

asking the pain to draw it mild.

You say “get along with yourself”

not as nervous anymore.

Suddenly saved from your own waste,

strong enough to kick down that next door.

Inner hurricanes start turning

as it isn’t as it was, aged form withdraws

your heart no longer aches for the burning

inspiring survival in your musical score.

My heart beats again” you say,

healed under the weight of being smothered,

sewn pieces drawn with the joy of a new day

carried with your smile knowing you’ve fully recovered.