You’ll Be Different Again

Played out by the band

glimpsed a fragmented past drifting from hand

subtle sadness strokes left cheek

as you walk down this lonely street.

The crash site smoulders slow

pains triumphant panache has lost its flow

from being dazed in an urban wonderland

to faith imbued with hope for future plans.

Tectonic plates move with meaning under heart

holding you close part by part

And your new pace may not erase

what’s held inside, protected behind your face.

Forever changed, remaining true

a romantic adventurer upon terrain anew

don’t believe them when they say they know what the future holds

your half smile heralds the curtains eventual close.


The Recovered

Shake closer, just a little

this river of mind, wild.

Now you know how close you are to brittle

asking the pain to draw it mild.

You say “get along with yourself”

not as nervous anymore.

Suddenly saved from your own waste,

strong enough to kick down that next door.

Inner hurricanes start turning

as it isn’t as it was, aged form withdraws

your heart no longer aches for the burning

inspiring survival in your musical score.

My heart beats again” you say,

healed under the weight of being smothered,

sewn pieces drawn with the joy of a new day

carried with your smile knowing you’ve fully recovered.




No thing, person or place is ever the same. Sometimes brutal, sometimes brilliant, but always certain. We look to grow, change, develop and move forward to the version of ourselves we feel fulfils our purpose wither consciously or subconsciously and this is what these poems discuss. The only question is, are you ready to evolve?

Neon Life

Inspired by the affirmations, life lessons, spiritual teachings and new ways of viewing life situations comes a collection of poems to directly support the way you view your life. With every challenge or change comes an opportunity. Each of these poems will relate to how you choose to move forward and aims to make you think about what you’re experiencing in a way you may not have thought about before.


Whether physical, emotional or spiritual, we are all inexorably moved to something or from something. This anthology examines this experience, uncovering how the personal can connect to the wider public stories. Showing how we all connect as a people and discussing how we all develop through being a part of a journey.

The Cuts

An anthology which pulls together work written about specific people, friends, family and the ‘unspecified’. Including one off and commissioned poems written for poetry competitions or external anthologies. This cannon of poetry displays a range of various directions, but draws on the developmental style of writing seen throughout the first three completed anthologies. From an exploration into the darkest emotional parts of our psyche, continuing through to the comedic politics of everyday life.



 A collection of experimental poems which look at the unexplained and raw elements of our humanity. The unquantifiable and unseen. Revealing what is hidden, not said or shunned. Discussing human experiences that superficially make no sense but have greater significance over time. Along with looking at what motivates us as people to rage against conventions which can bind us or pull us apart.

Smoking Butterflies

Smoking Butterflies charts the journey taken from where you may be in life presently to where you’d like to be when beginning to significantly change your direction. It looks at how new personalities and perceptions are shaped, cementing the foundation for the next version of who you’ll become through emotional highs and dangerous lows. Questioning the past, understanding the present, while gambling it all on a future hoped for. With sharply drawn observations challenging our perceptions of self, this collection of poems displays how developing oneself is just the start of an amazing journey.

We’re Like Sheep

We’re Like Sheep combines honesty, simplicity and beauty, set against a constant questioning of who we are in society. It observes those people who follow the herd, without the courage of their convictions or trust their individuality. Going on to celebrate and discuss those people who break away from the herd. Following their dreams and carving out their own path. Sometimes graphic, sometimes implicit. We’re Like Sheep takes you on an emotional journey asking you to question which type of person are you?